Saitek X55 Rhino conflicts with TeamSpeak client

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I ran into some issues tonight with my Saitek X55 HOTAS: each key press was repeated instead of showing up just once. This made the aircraft systems uncontrollable and at least once it caused my computer to lock up. I couldn’t figure out what had changed since last week when everything was fine until I realized I had just gotten my TeamSpeak setup up and running again.

At least one forum post had mentioned multiple key presses from the X55 when the TeamSpeak client is running. To get around this issue you can either:

  1. Not use TeamSpeak; not really an option for online gaming
  2. Instruct the client to read only keyboard and mouse inputs and ignore any other devices

To instruct the TeamSpeak client to use only keyboard and mouse inputs:

  1. Open the TeamSpeak client
  2. Go to “Settings -> Options”
  3. In the Options dialogue select “Hotkeys”
  4. In the drop down box at the bottom right of the window select “Keyboard & Mouse Only”
  5. Click “OK” to exit

The Hotkeys Options page in the TeamSpeak client